Baroque Music in Curious Places 

 At Coburn Music we create in-roads that lead to the heart of Baroque music.  Coburn Music’s mission is to promote the discovery of Baroque music by incorporating it into everyday places.  Whether in your daily coffee shop or on your favorite hiking trail, the experience of happening upon live Baroque music incites excitement and wonder in music-lovers of all kind. 

Coburn Music aims to add context to Baroque music. During the Baroque Era (1610-1760), musical households and salon style programs elevated everyday life - it was a family affair!  This familiar pastime was everywhere; in salons, castles, opera houses, gardens, even coffee houses.  In many ways, it was the first form of mass media. In this return to the form, Coburn Music creates an immersive, easily-accessible musical experience for everybody in the Tahoe Truckee basin.

Join Us at various locations

Tahoe Truckee Basin