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Coburn Music is proud to be sponsored by the town of Truckee!

Welcome to the first early music concert series in the
Truckee-Tahoe Basin.

Coburn Music an adventurous and innovative early music concert series that aims to bring the Truckee-Tahoe basin to the forefront of the classical music scene. Founded by Truckee native Lindsay McIntosh (née Hollingshead), Coburn Music will launch it's inaugural season this summer with 6 pop up concerts peppered throughout the historic Downtown Truckee. McIntosh, who has been praised by The New York Times for her “thoughtfully conceived” programming, will bring New Vintage Baroque to the Truckee basin for a week-long music series this August. The program promises to enrich and engage the Truckee Tahoe community with fun for audiences of all ages. This festival is committed to bringing the highest level of historically informed early music to our beautiful region.


What is historically informed music (HIP)?

Historically Informed Performance, know as HIP, is a term used in the 21st century to describe the difference between a period ensemble and a modern ensemble (one you would see at the Met Opera). HIP period ensembles are committed to performing works from the 17th and 18th century on the instruments of that time period. The most clear difference that an audience-member can see is how different the wind instruments look. Flute, oboes, and bassoons from the Baroque era are made in a much more natural style than their modern counterparts. In the photo below I am holding a Baroque oboe, which has fewer keys  is made of a softer wood that was native to Europe in the 17th century and is not varnished or decorated with silver keys. The strings are also being play all on gut, verse modern steel strings. The bass section of an orchestra has two unique players called the Continuo Section. This section is made up of a harpsichord (a keyboard instrument that looks like a piano) and the theorbo, an 8 foot long lute. The sound produced on these 17th and 18th century instruments is a sweeter, warmer and not as loud. The ensembles of these time period are also smaller, focusing on chamber music meant for the home, salon or small opera house. A 100 person orchestra was never heard of due to the intimate nature of this music. Finally, musicians and music buffs may notice that the tuning of these instruments is different. We actually play in 415 rather than 440 like modern music.

The musicians of this festival are some of the top early music performers and specialist in the county. Many of us studied at the Juilliard School in the Historical Performance Department and worked with early music legends such as Jordi Savall, William Christie, Christopher Hogwood, Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Ton Koopman, and Masaki Suzuki

Lindsay McIntosh, Founder and Executive Director of the Coburn Early

Lindsay McIntosh, Founder and Executive Director

What was my inspiration?

It is my dream to have a sustainable early music outlet in the Truckee basin that can enrich and engage the community year round. Growing up in such a beautiful landscape inspired me to make art. The support and nurturing I received in my community has made a lasting impression on me and now as one of the top Baroque oboists in New York City,  I want to share this incredibly inspiring music with my home town.


Why this is so important?

Music brings people together, and offers a fun and creative outlet for individuals and families to enjoy a familiar pastime. The programs I create are based on the tradition of storytelling and are incredibly accessible to the general public. I want my audience to feel like they’ve embarked on a journey and are part of the music making, rather than looking in from the outside.

Community involvement and support is vital to Coburn Music. In our pioneer season we are happy to announce our partnerships with Truckee Chamber of Commerce, The Cedar House Sport Hotel, Trails & Vistas, Moody's and Truckee Hotel, Coffee Bar, Truckee High School and Blue Not B's Horn Shop.


Thanks to these incredible partnerships the festival is starting off with a bang!